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Horse riding

Walking in the forest with a monitor (for beginners)

NEW! Go on horseback and discover the natural environment, even if you have never ridden a horse before ! Thanks to our monitor, you will go through the woods lunged, so you will always feel safe.

1 hour walk

Ride for kids

For kids or beginners we provide a 15 minutes ride with a horse trainer. A quiet ride in the arena to feel the first sensations on a horse.

15 mins

Ride with Lunge

Recommended for beginners, who want to learn the basics of horse riding and feel more secure on the horse’s back. We propose this course for those who rode sometimes and would like to refresh their knowledge. 25 mins

Horse riding trek

For experienced riders who feel confident in the three different gaits (walk, trot and galop) we can go for an excursion on horseback in the National Park. Our horses have very good temperament, they often work, but we need a minimum of experience from the rider to go horse riding outside. Evaluation before going outside. 

Horse course in autonomy

Good riders feeling not confident of going outside or willing to learn more, we propose 50 minutes courses in the outdoor arena where you will develop your skills with a trainer. 

Horse-drawn carriage tour into the forest or till Slovenia

From the carriage pulled by our favorite Linda horse, you will discover our village crossing the Slovenian border. Possibility to go into the forest during sunny days. 45 mins