The Spanish horse (PRE)

The Andalusian horse is well known worldwide for his kindness, intelligence, docility, his quiet learning capacity and the trust we can give to him. He has an excellent mindset, he’s curious and strong-willed.

The PRE horse is an excellent partner choice. He is specially talented raised gaits, he often is used in dressage, horse carriage and for riders looking for a good partner with a calm temperament, trusty, and nice mount. He’s known to be a balanced horse and kind. He has great intelligence and learning ability.

These horses have good results in high school dressage, in dressage competition and in horse shows.

A lot of riders are convinced of the mental capacities of the Andalusian horse, his excellent temperament. Calm and obedient, adaptable and easily manageable. They learn incredibly quicker, adapt themselves easily in unknown, new situations.

The Andalusian horse lives in a hot and dry climate, with tough and stony grounds. He is particularly resistant to adverse conditions.They have a strong strength physical resistance.

Our breeding : ‘Los Caballos de Kerca”

We have elected our home in the national park of Hungary named Őrség. Our mares have field of 10 hectares, positive conditions for the foals’ healthy development.

Their history

During the summer of 2005, we brought 4 PRE mares from Andalusia, in Spain. The four mares came in foal, each foal having genitor recognized in Spain.

The genitor of the 4th mare was Gnidium, a beautiful Spanish horse selected for the dressage competition of the word equestrian games.

Since 2006, we belong to the ANCCE, the national association of Spanish horse breeders (PRE).

Characteristics of the Spanish race

High : The Andalusian horse stands 1.50 meter and 1.70 m
Head : Elongated and slightly convex
Eyes : lively
Neck : robust and arched
Chest : large
Rumps : firm and rounded
Legs : strong and fine.
Mane : Abundant, long and thin
Coat colors : gray or bay

Movement : harmonious. he action of the legs is quite energetic.They have a high knee action and are short striding with great presence. They show great impulsion, have suspended strides. They have facilities for doing the Spanish walk, the piaffé and the passage dressage movements.

Life expectancy: 35 years

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