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Our Farm

A unique environment, Andalusian horses, cottage houses and treehouses, all this gathered in one place in the heart of the Hungarian national park “Őrség”

Kerca Bio Farm is an Andalusian horse breeding farm which welcomes visitors. Our property is located in a village at the heart of the national parc Őrség. The village has one and only main street. On the 15 hectares, the property is delimited by a stream and surrounded by a forest, an idyllic landscape. At 8 kms, you will find the biggest city of the national parc named Őriszentpéter. Our guest houses are close to each others, this nearness ensures a peaceful environment to relax, close to nature for families, couples or even big groups of friends. It’s like a small village in a village. The rural houses are cottage houses of all sorts, traditional house with a fireplace, wooden treehouses with a rustic style, apartment furnished with a big kitchen for those who are with children, everybody can choose according to its preferences. The horse farm is opened all year with plenty of activities to find within the park (trekking, hiking, horse riding, wellness, sauna).

The farm offers an idyllic frame to relax in the nature surrounded by animals where you will admire the beauty of the landscape. Concerning the horse riding, we are an Andalusian horse breeding, the first opened in Hungary, there are more than a half of our horses pure blood (PRE) and some with mixed blood. If you desire to ride horses, we propose courses according to your level. Inside the riding area for beginners or riding in the forest for more experimented riders. For hikers, there are special paths in the forest. We also propose dinner or lunch at the “table d’hôte” to taste the local gastronomy and we have also french and international menus. All gathered for a perfect vacation in the countryside of Hungary!